Thursday, 16 August 2007

Talented Daughter

My oldest son was 11 on Tuesday and DD offered to decorate the cake, she picked a pokemon theme and drew it freehand using writing icing, then painted the colours with food colouring. DS1 was most impressed. Seemingly its a space virus rare pokemon.
On a knitting theme, I have finished my sons socks

He insisted that I match the stripes too, normally I dont bother, what do all you sock knitters do, match or not?

I also started a scarf from VLT in malabrigo lacewieght, pattern is victorian ruby. Its for a friends birthday.


allybea said...

Fab cake, my 9yo loves it!

As for matching stripes, I'm having MAJOR problems with a pair at the moment. Well done on starting the VLT pattern.

Soo said...

The cake looks amazing - well done DD!!

Matching stripes, sometimes I match sometimes I don't. I actually prefer the non-matching ones, but sometimes if I'm making them for someone else I match them so they don't think I don't know how to!!!!!

blog-blethers said...

WOW! What a talented daughter ... it's almost a shame to slice it! Love your son's socks too. Sock matcher or not?? 'Fraid I'm a little obsessive in the matching dept:)

LittleBerry said...

you've got a talented daughter in the making there.... I like the socks and I have to say if they're meantto match I make them match ;o) the VLT scarf is coming along nicely... I look forward to the end result