Monday, 1 November 2010


Havent blogged for ages, but still been busy knitting. For the month of November I've signed up to Naknitmo, the idea is you set yourself a target number of stitches to knit during the month. you can up your target during the month but cannot decrease it.
I've set my target at 30,000 stitches to start, no idea if this will be easy to achieve or a struggle, time will tell.

The first project I'm working on this month is the lacy sweater from Adorable knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor, I knitted this 2 years ago for a friends wee girl but she has now outgrown it and her mum had requesed another in a bigger size. I'm using James C Brett Kool Cotton, purchased at Texere in March 2009 on the way to Skipnorth.

Will post progress pics and stitch totals later in the week.