Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Mission possible

Joined the Mission Possible group on Ravelry at the start of this month, the aim is to pick 12 things from your stash to knit up and if they aren't done by 31 December then you have to donate the yarn, my 12 are in my side bar, I have finished 2 of the list, halfway through the hipknits socks and 4 squares (out of 24) of the aran afghan done but still have a few large items in there so hoping it all gets done. If not, then next year will begin with a yarn give away.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Knitting from stash for me.

This is an einstein coat, pattern in 'the Knit stitch' by Sally Melville. It was started in September then put to one side, but picked it up last week and got it finished. Very easy to knit as its all garter stitch with minimal sewing and cosy to wear too. Knitted in Sirdar bonus chunky thats been in stash for a year.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Knitting from stash

Girls cardigan size 5-6 for my niece
barbie trousers and calorimetry headscarf from knitty, made as pattern but in 4ply sock wool using 3.25 mm needles, both are for my niece.
The wildflower shawl is blocked too, but no pics yet, della has ground to a halt, I'm knitting a cardi for myself for this cold weather

Friday, 4 January 2008

lace, lace, lace

This is the lace pillow I brought back from my Mums, havent touched it for 20 years but hoping to finish this hanky edging this year.

This is Della, from Hipknits project club, I am now ready to knit the border, done an extra repeat of main shawl and still have loads of yarn left.

This is the wildflower shawl in Posh yarn, pattern from posh yarn site, but the border is from VLT. It just needs blocking

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New year

Hope the hangover isnt too bad. Decided to post my new years resolutions here so I can refer back to them and see if they are being kept.
  • Limit WIP to 3 -a sock or other small item, something with fine yarn (4ply or less) and something with DK wight or above,
  • Knit up all the yarn I have bfore being tempted by new projects
  • try some fairisle knitting
  • finish youngest sons cross stitch birth sampler
  • have a go at bobbin lace again

and the non crafty one

  • go swimming once a week