Friday, 4 January 2008

lace, lace, lace

This is the lace pillow I brought back from my Mums, havent touched it for 20 years but hoping to finish this hanky edging this year.

This is Della, from Hipknits project club, I am now ready to knit the border, done an extra repeat of main shawl and still have loads of yarn left.

This is the wildflower shawl in Posh yarn, pattern from posh yarn site, but the border is from VLT. It just needs blocking


Soo said...

Ooooh - just seeing your lace pillow makes me think I should break mine out again. It has been a couple of years since I've used it, but I did buy some lovely patterns the last time I was in Brugges.

Happy Lacing!!!

kathryn said...

And me! I've got such guilt feelings about my (three) pillows all with wips and I've got some Honiton lace in progress. All from 15 ish years ago. Well done for getting yours out.

Anonymous said...

Your Della looks great, I ran out of yarn ,and am going to have to be very brave and FORCE myself to rip back and then there should be enough to make the border! How do you make the lace, wow, that does look complicated! Happy knitting, Fran

sewingnoddy said...

It's not quite 20 years I still have the hedgehog somewhere and my lace pillow is still in mum's attic.Maybe next year.