Thursday, 16 April 2009

Been busy

Computer went on the blink last month so it was away getting fixed but I have been busy knitting, here are my latest finished projects. Socks for my husband knitted in the Yarnyard sock wool I got last year at woolfest.

A hottie cover for my mum for mothers day, got the wol for this at the SECC craft show, its new lanark DK

Eerie from Rowan 43, in Kidsilk Spray, this was being knited into a spiders web shawl last year, but didnt like the way the yarn and pattern worked so frogged it and knitted it into this. It took just under 4 balls so very light to wear.

This is MS4 that I did the first half of last year, got the second half finished last month and grafted it when we were at my mums in the holidays (thats my mum doing the modelling)

This is a crochet hat I did on the train when I went down to glasgow for the SECC craft show, its adult sized but fits my son too so very versatile.

and just finished Hey Teach (from Knitty) in washed haze aran, this took 6 days from start to finish.

Now I'm dithering what to knit next so swatching for 3 different jumpers.

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Soo said...

I love the Hey Teach -- and the hot water bottle cover is very very cute.

As usual you've been amazingly productive!!!!