Saturday, 1 December 2007

bye bye NOvember

Yes, I completed NOvember, no new projects cast on last month at all, though very little finished, (bayerische and gloves and scarf to match the dinosaur hat), just closer to finishing 2 shawls and a cardi. I am going to cast on something new soon, going to knit a nativity, I have been thinking about doing one for at least 20 years but now have loads of leftovers to use. Still deciding which pattern to use, Jean Greenhowe or one from Simply kintting last year but have decided that this is the year it gets made. Hoping to get at least Mary, Joseph and Jesus done so watch this space.


Kai said...

Congratulations on completing NOvember successfully! Looking forward to seeing your nativity figures. :)

ContinentalCat said...

NO-vember was an excellent idea, and I like the fact that we all encouraged each other to actually finish a project.

Can't wait to see your nativity either!