Thursday, 1 November 2007


Seeing as its the start of the month I have decided that November is the month where I start no new knitting but finsh all my other projects first, hence the title.
So this month I will be knitting
  • Della shawl, currently on row 126
  • wildflower shawl (halfway through)
  • Einstein coat (10% done)
  • Bayerische socks (1 done)
  • Great american aran afghan (1 1/2 squares done)
  • balaclava for son

Hopefully some of these will be finished this month

1 comment:

Viknits said...

I love your miss potter mitts below. I am SO jealous that your hills have snow.. ours have had a bit over Aviemore way but none at Braemar yet :(